At Icestream, we specialize in heat pump and air conditioning solutions. Among these solutions, discover our air conditioning cabinet here.

What is an Air Conditioning Cabinet?

An air conditioning cabinet is equipment designed to regulate the temperature of your buildings regardless of external conditions. It is a “furniture-like” unit placed on the floor in the room to be air-conditioned. This heating and cooling system is ideal for large spaces.

Air Conditioning Cabinet: Features

At Icestream, we are committed to offering high-quality and high-performance equipment to best meet your needs. Our air conditioning cabinet has several key features to provide you with the best possible experience and ensure optimal regulation of indoor temperature.

The air conditioning cabinet is characterized as follows:

Provides Hot or Cold Air

Depending on the need, the air conditioning cabinet can provide either hot or cold air. This allows you to maintain a constant temperature in the room, both in summer and winter.

Multiple Functions Available

In addition to heating and cooling, this equipment offers several functions:

  • Ventilation, distributing air like a fan
  • Dehumidification to dry the ambient air if it’s too humid
  • Filtration for improved air quality

These features help create a healthier indoor environment for the well-being of all occupants.

Reduced Environmental Impact

The air conditioning cabinet operates using R32 refrigerant fluid, striking a perfect balance between energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. Its global warming potential (GWP) is three times lower than R410 gas, while offering superior thermal performance. It reduces fluid quantity usage by 30%.

Programmable System

Its standard wired remote control offers numerous functions, including weekly programming. This allows you to schedule the operation of the heating and cooling system. This is a significant advantage as it allows the unit to operate only during opening hours, resulting in substantial cost savings.

Easy Installation

Unlike other equipment that requires mounting, the cabinet is placed on the floor in your room. This ensures homogeneous air distribution, especially in spaces with limited ceiling clearance. With its compact design and lightweight (59kg), the equipment adapts to various configurations, making installation quick and easy.

Air Conditioning Cabinet: Ideal Equipment for Large Spaces

For particularly large spaces requiring effective solutions, the air conditioning cabinet is highly suitable. This heating and cooling system is designed for areas larger than 70 m². Its high air flow rate and extensive reach make it an ideal choice for large volumes such as shops, reception halls, or any public space. Explore our full range of commercial air conditioning solutions (offices, shops…) as well.

Icestream Air Conditioning Cabinet

The air conditioning cabinet is thus an ideal, practical, and functional solution that works well in large spaces. We are among the few suppliers in France offering this type of heating and cooling system. We provide a high-performance, eco-friendly model that is easy to install and equipped with multiple functionalities, all at an excellent value. For more information, we invite you to review the technical specifications above.